Chicks Everywhere?! – July 2021 Dev Log

Hi Movers!


It’s been a busy month for the Unpacking team – we’re making steady progress on the game and getting closer and closer to when we’ll finally be able to announce a release date… but today is not that day! Instead, here’s a small dev log on what we’ve been up to.

Development Updates

Nintendo Switch progress

  • Added touch controls for the Switch (and any PCs with touch capabilities)!
  • Saving implemented on the Switch

Quality of life progress

  • Hooked up rumble system for gamepad
  • Got all of the text in the game localized and implemented

Game progress

  • All stages now have music tracks!
  • Designed a new UI screen and some buttons
  • All art for Stage 4 is now done
  • Environment art for final stage is done
  • Item art for final stage is 75% done
  • All views outside windows across the game are done
  • Credits sequence fully implemented
  • Made a bunch of changes to items and environments based on feedback from internal playtests
  • Added some secret unannounced features………ssh!

Have you been keeping an eye out on our social media pages too? We’ve been having a ton of fun with the community!

Pick a Chick