Unpacking on Sale on Steam, Switch, and PlayStation

Ah, June, that time when the weather’s been cooling down, the shortest day of the year has just passed us by—wait a minute, what’s this about a Summer Sale? Well look, we’re Australians, you can’t blame us!

Regardless of the season you’re in, we’re excited to announce that Unpacking is 20% off for the Steam Summer Sale, the Nintendo eShop June Game Sale AND on the PlayStation Mid-Year Sale!

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A few more details for the sale: they both kick off today, June 23rd, and go until July 6th (for Nintendo & PlayStation) and July 7th (for Steam), the eShop sale is only for North America, and PlayStation is for North America & Europe! Have a happy… well, whatever season you might be experiencing now! And most importantly: enjoy the game 🙂


Emily & the Witch Beam team