Assault Android Cactus wins Best Action Game, our demo is coming out on Steam and we’re heading to Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita!

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks!

Assault Android Cactus has been approved for Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita! the eagle eye among you may have noticed the game appear briefly on screen during Sony’s fantastic and surprisingly indie dominated Gamescom presentation before being mentioned in a followup post and I was invited to write a post for the Playstation blog talking about the game. We will continue developing the PC version as planned and will be looking towards a PS4 and Vita release sometime early next year.

Intel have announced the winners of their Level Up Demo contest and Assault Android Cactus has won Best Action Game! Not only is it an exciting honour to be recognised in this way, our game will be playable on the floor of PAX Prime this weekend at the Intel booth! Unfortunately we won’t be able to attend personally, but some good friends of ours we’ll be there in our stead so keep an eye out for anyone wearing an Assault Android Cactus t-shirt!

Best of all, the demo is available through Steam for Windows, OS X and Linux so everyone can now get their hands on the game and try it for themselves!

To celebrate the occasion I have a couple of wallpapers so you can prettify your desktops and share the Cactus love!

Team Cactus! Emrbyo (PNG 2.54 megs)