Unpacking E3 News: New trailer, stages & features revealed!

Unpacking has had an exciting E3 so far! Here is everything that’s been happening:

First of all, we released a new trailer!

This trailer premiered at IGN Expo. It contains several reveals:

  • Two of the rooms in the third stage of Unpacking, which we’ve never shown before!
  • Photo mode — with stickers!
  • Unpacking is being published by Humble Games!
  • In addition to PC, Unpacking is coming to the Nintendo Switch!!!

Our next event was Wholesome Direct:

In this one we revealed:

  • The premise of stage three: You have housemates in this one!
  • An additional new room, the living room!
  • New feature: Floorplans! These make navigating larger levels easier and give additional context about your environment.
  • Another new feature: Pinboards! Pin up drawings, postcards, and more.

Finally, we’d like to announce that the Unpacking demo will be returning once again on Wednesday for Steam Next Fest — And along with it we will be launching an Unpacking Discord! I’ll be sending out another update about both of these when they go up.