Unpacking is now in a museum!

The ACMI museum in Melbourne has put up a display about Unpacking! It has original notes, sketches, and a crocheted version of the Pig plush that ZebracornCreations made for the team). If you get a chance to go to Melbourne, make sure to check it out, but if not, it’s definitely worth pursuing online!

We’ve been joking that Unpacking is built in a “secret third dimension” – this is what it looks like in-engine! (and for a quick-and-easy technical explanation: yes we ALSO used layers in sprite renderer, especially for the drawers (things like toothbrush IN cup AND in front of a drawer) but 3D meant we never ran out of “depth” and it’s easier to debug visually)

The Sydney Morning Herald wrote a piece on kinder, cosier video games, and Unpacking is featured alongside other Australian games. It’s well worth a read, especially if you’re looking for new games to add to your queue.

Audio Director Jeff van Dyck was interviewed on the Sifter podcast, talking about using music to tell the story of Unpacking.

Wren joined GLITCH to read reviews of Unpacking, and we find out who feels strongly about soy sauce placement:


Emily and the Witch Beam team