Video Dev Diary series

Assault Android Cactus The Developer Diaries

These videos were originally posted weekly – they have been combined into one post for ease of watching

We’ve always been keen to be open about development and talk about what we’re doing so we decided to try something new and do a short series of video diaries discussing different aspects of the game!

So Jeff came by to our place armed with a camera and a lapel mic and asked me questions about things until I filled up the tape with “ums” and awkward pauses, and then through the magic of editing the whole thing has been distilled into something short and watchable!

Part one covers the origin of Cactus as a character, so check it out and remember to tune in next week for part 2!


Part two is now up, discussing the Core of the Game and how it relates to the earliest Cactus prototype.

Marvel as Tim combines at least two separate phrases to come up with something stupid like “not pull out any stops” as a way to describe going all out, because speaking is hard.


Part three is live, in it revealing the secret origins of how Assault Android Cactus became to have local multiplayer at all, and the complex criteria used to create the Androids.


Part four covers gameplay and the high level goals we wanted to achieve with how Assault Android Cactus plays.


Part 5 is now up, discussing the legacy of classic twin stick shooter, Robotron: 2084 and a meaningful personal encounter our team had with co-creator Eugene Jarvis.