Vote to Play! Assault Android Cactus coming to Playstation 4 in March

Assault Android Cactus will be hitting Playstation 4 in March and Playstation Plus subscribers might even be playing it free as we’re part of the second ever Vote to Play!


you can tell this is a legit PS4 screenshot because we wouldn’t write “press options button” unless someone forced us


Voting opens next week and we’re up against two other high quality indie action games, the fast paced stunt racer Action Henk and the over the top Broforce, and you can read more over on the Playstation blogs


We’re a small game with big dreams which is why we’d love and appreciate your support! Both for the vote itself but also in helping other Playstation Plus subscribers and the websites that cover it know what kind of game Cactus is and why they should be looking forwards to it!
No matter how the vote goes down however, March is the month that Playstation 4 owners will finally have a chance to bring Assault Android Cactus into their living rooms and we’re really looking forwards to sharing it with a new community of players around the globe.



Keep an eye out for more material showing up when the voting opens or to hear stuff as it happens you can follow us on Twitter!