Unpacking Steam Next Fest 2021

Hi Unpackers!

First, a quick introduction – I’m Victoria, the new Community Strategist for Witch Beam. 🙂 We’ll be seeing a lot more of each other online and in these dev logs, so it’s nice to meet you! I can’t wait to… unbox… more of this game with you. Ohohoho.

*Ahem* anyway.

The Unpacking demo was recently part of the Steam Next Fest, and in the spirit of sharing, here’s some info, cool stats, and fun tidbits for your viewing pleasure.

  • People from over 126 countries played the demo!
  • 94% who started the demo finished the first level, 81% who started the demo finished both levels!
  • One person played the demo 27 times!!! WOW???
  • 24% of people found out the mannequin could dab, which is down 5% from last year’s PAX Online experience. Tragic. 
  • Only 1% of players made sure that the toilet roll went under, not over (the great toilet paper debate… is solved??)

We also launched a Discord alongside the Steam event, and we already have a lovely community of over 700 movers! Make sure to join it if you haven’t, especially if you like cozy spaces, behind the scenes stuff, and chatting with us. We’re lucky to have gotten a bunch of great fan art from a bunch of members like:

By: ImSara

By: stretchmaybesketch

By: keroppibeehive#1027

By: BluPirate

And finally to round it all out, here’s a list of just a few places that covered the demo:

That’s it for now, thanks for reading through and supporting us! Back to working on the game, and remember to wishlist the game on Steam if you haven’t – it helps us more than you know.