How Unpacking handles sentimentality, level design, “stuff” and the idea of home

Two great interviews, one with Edge Magazine and one with Gameshub, that we’re quite proud of!

We talked to Edge about a huge range of things, from choosing which items came along from each level, sentimentality, level design of the post-boyfriend level, UI/interface, and of course: fan theories.

With Gameshub, the conversation began with our definitions of home, and then we discussed the idea of “stuff” in the game, what you can control (and what you can’t), and how the ways people play the game is still so, so varied.

We’re headed to GDC!

It’s a month out (how is that possible?) and we’re headed to GDC to give two talks. Please come join us if you’re attending the conference!

Wren will be giving a talk about building a game in a way that defies many game design mechanics, and why they made these choices, called ‘Unpacking’ Zen: Designing a Game Without Fail States or Scores on Wednesday, March 22nd at 2-3:00 PM PT

Emily (that’s me!) will be giving a talk on social media and marketing a game after its launch, and how to maintain momentum, called ‘Unpacking’ Fan Expectations and Driving Engagement Post-Launch on Tuesday, March 21 at 1:20-1:50 PM PT

Don’t forget!

Unpacking physical editions are still available at major retailers (Amazon, Target, and more!) and you can still pick up Unpacking merchandise from Serenity Forge’s online shop. We’ve been loving seeing people share their pictures of packages arriving!

Also, we’ve been posting some looks behind the scenes—as well as some creative interpretations of what people think some of the items are—on TikTok, so join us there if you’re interested!


Emily & the Witch Beam team