Unpacking PLUSHIES officially for sale!

Wait, did you think we were done with merch? SURPRISE!!! We’ve got a second wave of Unpacking-related goodies for you, and yes, it includes PLUSHIES!

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Looking to cover your bed entirely with plushies? Look no further! We’ve got all our favorite plushies available, like Piggy, Tiger, Mama Hen & Chicks (as a set or as blind boxes!), Froggy, Kitty, Bluey the Dragon, Cool Duck, and Beetle.

Next up, a lovely stationery set, complete with journal, pen, pencil, ruler, and washi tape! AND an Unpacking pouch, with some of our favorite items spilling out of a box.

We’ve got replicas of some of our favorite posters in-game to decorate your walls, including 3 Miles Home, AntiHero Season 2, the Angel Puppy, and the Unpacking key art!

One more t-shirt, this one of our favorite BFFs sitting on their respective boxes. And finally, if you want to chronicle how many achievements you got, now’s your chance. We’ve got sticker versions of all of them!

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We’ve been busting to share this news with all of you, and hope you’re as excited as we are!


Emily and the Witch Beam team